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Devon Damonte's Marchaloops!
by Aaron Zeghers // Published to Cineflyer // Mar 22, 2012

I have, for sometime now, hoped to one day see any substantial piece of work from Devon Damonte, online or preferably via a pristine film print. But such things seem to be hard to come by in Winnipeg.

Good news for me and any other film nerd with an internet connection: Damonte has decided to cast away throughout the month of March on a voyage of daily direct animation, which he is sharing with the world via his Vimeo.

Damonte, a mysterious American filmmaker who specializes specifically in direct or cameraless animation is spending the month of March making a short film loop every day. By applying some sort of material directly to a film strip (presumably 16mm), he begun and has now nearly completed this most honourable quest which he dubs “the Marchaloops series”.

I would highly recommend checking out Demonte’s recent quest on his Vimeo. Also check out this great article by Damonte on direct animation on the Other Cinema website.

“#1 in the Marchaloops series – I’m setting myself a challenge to put a loop a day online, all month long. In like a lion, out like a lamb, and beware the ides in between. Made with crazy Japanese sticky tape stuck onto clear 16mm leader. Said tape was procured at the magical convenience store that Dory and I found at the entrance to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park last summer. 'Hurricane Plaid' is dedicated to Jodie 'Rad Plaid' Mack, plaid to know ya!” writes Damonte in his Vimeo description for the above film.